Pet Services

With a purpose-built pet hospital and a team of experienced vets and nurses. We offer a full range of medical, diagnostic and surgical services to meet your pet’s needs. We run a highly sought after puppy preschool and also offer canine rehabilitation and canine behavioural consultancy. 

Our Services

Vet Consultations

Keeping good health is all about preventing disease and looking for early signs, so any necessary changes or treatment can be more successful - saving you time, money and stress later on. Our vets are available for annual health checks, vaccinations, microchipping, and investigating any new health or behaviour concerns you may have about your pet. Our vets are also available for house-calls if needed.

Nurse Consultations

Our friendly Nurses have their own consult room to ensure your pet is seen to as soon as possible. Consultations can include weight checks, basic dental checks, flea checks, suture removal, post operative checks, microchipping, nail clipping, dressage changes, sample taking and advice. Some consultations will incur a fee. Book an appointment today to see one of our friendly nurses.


On weekdays, you'll find our expert vets performing speys and castrations, lump removals, orthopaedic surgeries and many more. Most surgeries are scheduled following a consultation with a vet, although speys and castrates can be booked directly by you! Some surgeries will require your pet to stay overnight in our purpose-built hospital, where they will be kept comfortable and fussed over by the nurses and on-duty vet!


Did you know that up to 95% of dogs and cats over three years of age show some signs of dental disease? We have a purpose-built dental room fitted with a wet table, ultrasonic scaler and modern drill, water and air flush, and polishing machine. We can also take digital dental x-rays for a more thorough dental examination of your pet. Read our blog about the importance of dental care and how you can keep this up at home with your pet.

Puppy Preschool

Proper socialisation, combined with positive reinforcement-based training in a group puppy class helps puppies grow into well-adjusted pets. Studies have shown that when owners attend training classes, they are much more likely to keep their pets. Puppy preschool can help owners develop a stronger bond with their pets, establish realistic expectations of their pets' behaviour, and learn proper techniques to continue training. And it's fun!


With our high-quality digital x-ray we are able to take x-rays of your pet to check for many diseases and conditions. Some of these include fractures, lung, cardiac and gastrointestinal issues, pregnancy confirmation and more. Most patients will be sedated or anaesthetised in order to get the best quality x-ray possible and eliminate any stress for your pet. Except in the case of emergency, most x-rays will be scheduled following a consultation with your vet.

Repeat Prescriptions

Just like humans, your pets often need repeat prescriptions for their medication. We require 24 hours’ notice for repeat prescription requests – this allows us enough time to confirm with you that your pet is still responding well to the medication or whether anything has changed, review your pet’s history and gather instructions from the authorising vet. You will soon be able to request repeat prescriptions right here on this website, so watch this space!


We make sure your pet has all the creature comforts during their stay with us, whether it's just for a few hours or overnight. We have both indoor and outdoor dog kennels, a separate cat room, an isolation ward, and cages in our treatment room for any animals requiring intensive monitoring. We have heated floors, air conditioning, lots of comfy bedding, and high quality food - you are also more than welcome to come and visit your pet, just give us a ring in advance so we can accommodate you.


There sometimes comes a time in a pet’s life where you as their owner have to make the heart-wrenching decision to say goodbye. Our team is here to support you and make the process as calm and comfortable as possible for your pet. Please read our full blog on the process and different memorial options.


We use non invasive techniques in our rehabilitation to improve the quality of life and wellness of your pets. This is done through weight loss, building and maintaining muscle and strength, and improving fitness. Each regimen is personalised for specific patients. Rehab is appropriate for bringing an injured farm dog back to work, as well as for keeping companion dogs happy and healthy into their later years. It also enhances recovery after orthopedic and neurological accidents and surgery.

Canine Behaviour

We offer a behaviour consult service to address behaviour concerns you may have with your dog. This may be for anxiety related issues, destructive or inappropriate behaviours, or barking concerns. Solutions often involve a combination of medication, avoidance strategies and training skills to manage the problem. It should be noted our veterinarians are not behavioural specialists but veterinarians with a special interest in behaviour.


Microchips are a method of identifying lost, stolen or injured animals. The microchip is a small transponder that, when scanned, emits a unique identification code. The microchip we use at the clinic is about the size of a grain of rice and is injected over the shoulder blades. The needle is much smaller than it used to be and generally tolerated very well by our furry friends. We try distracting your pet as the needle goes in and often they don’t even notice.