Farm Services

Levin & Horowhenua Vets has been an integral part of the rural community in the Horowhenua since its inception as a Vet Club. We provide veterinary services for a large number of farming and lifestyle clients from north of Bulls to south of Paraparaumu. We have an enthusiastic team of dedicated farm and mixed veterinarians that are able to make farm visits at relatively short notice for scheduled work, as well as having a quick response to emergency calls.

Our Services


As well as providing a full range of clinical services, much of our work in the dairy sector is associated with preventative herd health management programmes and maximising farm production. This includes trace element monitoring, parasite control, herd vaccination programmes, mastitis control, facial eczema advice, lame cow management, pregnancy testing and reproductive performance programmes. We also offer consultancy through Headlands Consultancy.

Lifestyle Animals

The Horowhenua is popular with lifestyle block owners, who stock the land with all sorts of animals. From sheep and goats to cattle and alpacas, we treat them all. If you’re new to the ‘farm game’ and are still wrapping your head around drenching, hoof trimming, vaccinating and bolusing, you might be interested in becoming a member of our Lifestylers + Small Holdings Club.

Sheep & Beef

We cater equally well for our non-dairy farming clients and their many diverse requirements, including animal health checks for sick or newly acquired animals, lameness examinations, dehorning/disbudding with pain relief, castrations and assorted obstetrical interventions.


We offer visits for health checks for newly acquired or sick or injured horses, vaccinations, minor surgical procedures, castrations and lameness examinations. We can also perform horse dentals and upper airway endoscopy. Please note that we do not do pre-purchase examinations for horses at this time.


We also offer deer services, from basic health checks for sick animals through to velveting (plus supervision of licensed velveters), tailored internal parasite management programmes, and herd production and health planning.

Worming Programme

We offer a worming programme for farm dogs/pets, and can mail the appropriate de-worming products out to you at regular intervals (usually every three months). Get in touch with us today to organise this for your working dog team.

Lifestyle + Smallholdings Club

Join our Lifestyle & Smallholdings Club and you will get up to date newsletters and information, discounts off farm calls and all products in clinic. Our friendly vet techs can help build a plan for your routine farm calls and come and help, show you what to do or do all of the hard work for you.

Membership is $60 per year and you will receive a 5% discount on:

  • All farm visits
  • Products and services in-clinic
  • Small animal consultations

So, what do we do on these farm visits?

  • Vaccinations and injections
  • Weighing and Body Condition Scoring
  • Hoof trimming
  • Ringing lamb’s tails and ring castrates
  • Drenching and organising drench plans
  • Blood testing
  • Facial eczema bolusing and grass testing
  • Comprehensive in-clinic large animal lab, including spore counting, faecal egg counts, nitrate testing, calf scour testing and milk powder curd testing