Choosing the perfect bed for your pooch

Like us our dogs have their own preferences when it comes to their beds and how they sleep.

If you think about how much time our dogs spend sleeping (12-14 hours a day), you’ll want to make sure they have the perfect spot to snooze!

Here are our top tips to help you choose the perfect bed for your dog…

  1. Measure your dog while laying down or sleeping. When it comes to picking a dog bed, size matters! The best dog bed should be big enough to protect their joints from the hard floor no matter what positions they stretch into. A good way to make sure you select a correct sized dog bed is to measure your dog while they are laying down – and then purchase something slightly bigger so that your dog can sleep comfortably in all natural positions.
  2. Consider your dog’s individual needs. Your dog’s age, breed type or health issues can play a big role in selecting the right bed. For instance, orthopaedic dog beds with memory foam are highly recommended for seniors. Dogs with joint pain may benefit from a thermal bed to help soothe aches and pains. While long-haired dogs and those built for colder climates can be prone to overheating so require a bed that provides plenty of ventilation and air flow.
  3. Watch how your dog sleeps. By looking at how your dog sleeps can help you to select the most comfortable bed for your dog. Dogs that sleep stretched out with their legs splayed need a big mattress bed. However, if your dog likes to curl up into a tight ball, a smaller bed with raised sides to lean on would be the best choice.
  4. Where does your dog sleep? Does you dog sleep inside or outside? Dogs that sleep outside will benefit from a bed that is a bit more durable so it lasts.
  5. Ease of cleaning. Dog beds can quickly accumulate dirt, fur, and odours. Look for a bed that is easy to clean such as removeable covers or water-resistant materials.
  6. Material quality. If your dog is a chewer opt for strong durable fabrics with reinforced stitching.
  7. Warm and cozy. Making sure your dog is warm and cosy will help them sleep though the night. Consider adding extra blankets during colder months.